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To utilise our DSL-Complete offering, you require:
A non-prepaid Telkom telephone line (check your line).
An ADSL modem/router either obtained from Web Africa or a retail outlet.

Please Note:
Pricing dependent on Telkom/SAIX, thus may be subject to change.
ADSL line installations are handled by Telkom, although every effort is employed on our side to speed up the process.

We'll have you connected in minutes
With NO setup fees.

  Our Rates
  1G capped
R137.00 shaped
  2G capped R174.00 shaped
  3G capped R260.00 shaped
  5G capped R390.00 shaped
  10G capped R720.00 shaped
  1G capped R140.00 unshaped
  3G capped R420.00 unshaped
  5G capped R700.00 unshaped
  10G capped R1400.00 unshaped
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